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It’s Safe to Get the Care You Need, No Question

Navigating life during the COVID-19 pandemic is full of uncertainty. From getting together with friends to going to the grocery store, the simplest activities now come with risk, and sometimes, it’s hard to know what’s safe. For many Arkansans, even healthcare has been brought into question.

Is it safe to go see a doctor? To go to the hospital? To go to the ER?

Central Arkansas’s top healthcare organizations have all come together to confidently give you our unified answer: Yes. Thanks to extensive precautions, your local hospitals, emergency rooms, and physician offices are safer now than they have ever been before. In fact, staying home when you need care can be extremely risky. If you delay a trip to the ER, a surgery, your child’s routine vaccinations, a yearly wellness visit or any other medical needs, that decision can have a negative impact on your health.

Explore the links below to learn more about how your healthcare providers are making it safe to stay healthy while getting the care you need. There’s never been a better time to take care, Arkansas.

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